American Royal Crown is involved in all areas of Architecture, Building Construction, and Civil Engineering.


American Royal Crowprovides: Public Contracting Authorities, Commercial, and Private Operation, General business skills, It’s local organizational model to Design, Build and Operates any Construction Project, we are involved in all areas  of Building, and Engineering.

The success of our work depends on the skill, expertise of our teams, and our capable personnel will deliver consistent services and products to meet your demand’s plans. Proud to work regularly sumptuous achievements, women and men now grow their differences, all sharing in the sense that the same values 
​​1- Respect for their partners,
2- Quality requirement of execution,
3- Concern for customer satisfaction. 

Architecture (Interior Design, and Master Plan).

Building Engineering and Technology (Building Structural, Electrical, Mechanical).

Construction Services (Construction, Operation & Maintenance, Pre-Construction, Renovation).

Consultancy (Construction Preparation, Cost, Health, Modern Construction, Plan, Program, Quality Control, Safety & Environment, Schedule).

Design and Planning (Detailed & Preliminary Design, Economic, Environmental & Ecological, Landscape).

Estimating (Expanding & Additional, New Building, Renovation).

Program Management (Material Management, Risk Management, Strategic Solution).

Safety (Interior Safety Program, Safety Milestone, Spot Light on Safety).

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